Executive Video has spent more than a decade perfecting a platform that makes it easy, convenient and affordable for companies to consistently produce high-quality video content. We are a small, nimble team with a passion for storytelling and extensive experience working with C-level executives to develop highly effective video marketing solutions for various corporate stakeholders, potential investors, customers and media. We always take the time to understand your business, messaging and strategic objectives prior to every shoot. This, combined with our deep expertise in media, investor relations, corporate communications and marketing, allows us to deliver an unparalleled customer experience focused on maximizing your time and driving outstanding business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with producing an Executive Video?

Executive Video makes it easy and efficient to create highly effective marketing content that maximizes your communications across various audiences. Prior to your shoot, we develop a set of question prompts and key messages to help guide your interview. On set, an experienced media producer will coach you through the Q&A and ensure you deliver high impact messages. This process usually takes about 30-minutes. Our crew always uses top-notch HD cameras, professional lighting and audio equipment to capture the highest quality image and sound. Following the shoot, we will quickly turnaround a concise video that highlights the essence of your message and can easily be shared with various corporate stakeholders, potential investors, customers and media. It’s really that easy.

What happens after the interview?

Our post production team begins work immediately to edit your interview into a concise 2-3 minute video that captures the essence of your message. You can expect a highly polished, ready-to-use video product within 48 hours of your video shoot.

How is my company logo and other graphics or animation used to improve the video?

The simple answer is – however you want! Your corporate brand is promoted throughout the video and we can use your logo to create a custom animated intro/closing to the video. Bottom line, it’s your video and editing is always customized to fit your specific needs.

Where can I place the final video?

We will give you a code that will allow you to embed the video on any webpage. Most of our clients use the video on their website/investor relations page, and link back to that page via press release and email.

Where can I view a sample videos?

You can view samples of our work here.

What is Video ID Tracking?

Our video players include tracking technology that captures detailed information on each individual viewer, including who’s watching your video, exactly which parts they watched, skipped and re-watched. We offer complimentary video analytics on every video we produce. This provides you with direct, actionable data to measure video performance and inform your marketing strategy. To request a sample report, please call us at (646) 543-8306 or email info@execvid.com.