Executive Video has spent more than a decade perfecting a platform that makes it easy and efficient for companies to create high-quality video content. We have worked with hundreds of executives and have expertise in both media and investor relations. Our producers take the time to understand your business, strategic and creative objectives prior to every shoot. This ensures we always maximize your time in the studio and consistently deliver professional, top-notch video that concisely captures your value proposition and engages viewers from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with producing an Executive Video?

Executive Video makes video production easy and convenient. We will send you a set of interview questions and logistical information in advance of the video shoot. Lighting, equipment, makeup and a professional interviewer will be waiting for you. We recommend reserving at least 30 minutes of time for the entire process.

What happens after the interview?

Our post production team begins work immediately on your interview. You can expect a rough cut within 72 hours of your video shoot. After reviewing the footage, you can provide feedback to our team which we will incorporate into a final product.

How is my company logo and other graphics or animation used to improve the video?

Your company logo will be included in the video and is typically placed in the lower bar next to the interviewee’s name and title.

Where can I place the final video?

We will give you a code that will allow you to embed the video on any webpage. Most of our clients use the video on their website/investor relations page, and link back to that page via press release and email.

Where can I view a sample videos?

You can view samples of our work here.

What is Video ID Tracking?

Our tracking technology will capture detailed information on each view of your video including who watched it, how long they watched it and much more. We’d be happy to send you a sample report.