What Video Means for Conferences

Today, corporate events and conferences don’t live or die based on a single day – it’s all about the content: the tweets, posts, likes and follows that spark organic, exponential growth.  At Executive Video, we understand you’re insanely busy planning and hosting your meeting and that’s why we exist. We make video simple so you don’t have to stress out or miss out. With Executive Video as your partner, you have a top-notch production crew, and expert storytellers who know how to capture the moment with content that your audience will not only embrace, but share. Before we get started, we have an open discussion on your goals for the meeting, most meaningful metrics, and a clear definition of what success looks like, followed by a wide exploration of ideas. Check out some of the ways we’ve partnered with conferences to maximize the event experience before, during, and after the show.


Event Coverage

Our mobile video crew will capture impressions from the floor of your conference  and craft trailers, topic videos, same-day social media reports or other custom offerings to keep your attendees engaged in the daily happenings at your event and to promote next year’s meeting.


Studio Setup

Conferences are a gathering place for executives, key opinion leaders, clients and users in your industry. We can leverage this opportunity, and create an interview studio setup, in order to tell a comprehensive story about your event, or allow attendees to individually communicate their messages.


Panels & Presentations

The discussions and presentations at your conference have value beyond the day of the event. We can capture the conversation, and then edit it in a variety of ways – including highlight packages, slide integration and more – depending on your needs, and those of your attendees.


Pre-Conference Promotion

Video is a useful tool to engage your audience as the date of your event approaches and at the conference itself. Our clients have used animations, explainers, and interview packages for sales efforts, internal presentations, and event hype videos.