Executive Video is based in New York City, and whether you’re located here or on a quick business trip, we would love to work with you to create a compelling executive interview video.

With just a few days’ notice, our team can arrange a custom shoot to fit your needs that will require only 30 minutes of your time on set. We’ll then film your executive interview against the stunning backdrop of the NYC skyline, and within a week, our team will deliver a highly-polished, ready-to-use video product. It’s that simple.

Sample Videos from our Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with producing an Executive Video?

We have streamlined the shooting process so that you’ll spend less than 30 minutes in our studio, which is conveniently located in Union Square. Prior to the shoot, we will work with you to develop a customized set of question prompts. On set, a producer will guide you through the interview and ensure your key messaging objectives are achieved.

What happens after the interview?

Our post production team begins work immediately on your interview. You can expect a rough cut within 72 hours of your video shoot. After reviewing the footage, you can provide feedback to our team which we will incorporate into a final product.

How is my company logo and other graphics or animation used to improve the video?

We will work to incorporate any materials you can provide into the video. This includes company graphics, PowerPoint presentations, b-roll footage, stock photos, and more.

Where can I place the final video?

Upon completion of the video, we’ll work with you to deliver the finished product in the format that best suits your needs. We can deliver the final video in an HD format suitable for upload to sites like YouTube, and we can also give you a code that will allow you to embed the video on any webpage. Most of our clients use the video on their website/investor relations page, and link back to that page via press release and email.

Where can I view a sample videos?

You can view samples of our work here.

What kind of viewing statistics can you provide?

Clients who use our video player are given access to detailed viewership data, including when the video has been watched, for how long, and at what location. You can find a sample report here.